Partnereship for Growth

The OpsPi platform is a powerful growth enabler that can help businesses expand their reach and boost their revenue. By partnering with OpsPi, providers gain access to a wide network of customers that includes other partners in the same or different regions.

This strategic partnership allows businesses to grow together exponentially, leveraging each other's strengths and resources to achieve greater success. With OpsPi, providers can tap into new markets, build stronger customer relationships, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Server Providers

Supported Features

  • Dedicated Servers in any region
  • Metal as a Service
  • With or without Linux and Windows Virtualizations
  • With API or Without!
server provider
software provider

Software Providers

Supported Features

  • Windows or Linux Hosted Applications
  • MSSQL or MySQL Databases
  • PHP, .NET, RoR, NodeJS language
  • Run on Shared, VPS or Dedicated Servers
  • With or without API

OpsPi Partnership

Supported Features

  • Service provisioning customization for server or application
  • Management and Support
  • Customer Management
  • Reseller and Customer Billing
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Local currency and taxes
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Run shared hosting on your servers or use OpsPi robust Platform

No Hosting Panel Cost

Run managed web hosting business on OpsPi Platform. Pay no additional license cost of shared hosting panel

No Billing Panel Cost

Use OpsPi Hosting Automation Platform for billing your reseller or customer. Pay no additional license cost or revenue sharing.

Website Builder with Templates

White Label Website Builder with free and permimum website templates. Earn more by selling website builder.

Sales and Customer Support

Pay no additional license fee for LiveChat Sales Agent. Fully functional customer management.

 web image

Complete Web Hosting Platform

OpsPi Platform includes all features for running your managed hosting business.